Ambassador Program

Melanin On Me Brand Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Melanin On Me Brand Ambassador Program!

At Melanin On Me, we celebrate diversity and the beauty of melanin. Our brand ambassador program is designed to collaborate with individuals who share our values and passion for spreading positivity and inclusivity.

Program Benefits:
1. Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on all Melanin On Me products for your followers and exclusive promotions.
2. Commission: Earn commission for every sale made or a dollar amount off each product sold.
3. Early Access: Be the first to know about new product launches and receive exclusive access to our latest collections and limited-edition items.
4. Featured Content: Get featured on our social media platforms, promotional materials, and website.
5. Join a Community: Connect with other ambassadors and share experiences, tips, and ideas. Participate in collaborative photo shoots, events, and potentially co-design a signature collection.

1. Social Media: Share high-quality photos and videos showcasing our products, tagging MelaninOnMe and using our designated hashtags.
2. Story Features: Regularly feature our products in your Instagram/Facebook Stories/TikTok, providing behind-the-scenes looks or styling tips.
3. EngagementInteract with your followers’ comments and DMs related to our brand.
4. Featured Content: Get featured on our social media platforms and website.
5. Promotion of Collaborative Efforts:  If applicable, actively promote any collaborative projects we embark on together.

How to Join:
1. Apply: Fill out your information below stating you would like to apply and we will follow up with you within 48 hours.
2. Review: Our team will review your application and notify you of acceptance.
3. Welcome Kit: Once accepted, you'll receive a welcome kit with your unique referral link or code and other resources.
4. Start Sharing: Share your love for Melanin On Me products with your friends, family, and followers.

Terms & Conditions:
- Ambassadors must be active on social media platforms.
- Ambassadors must uphold the values of inclusivity, diversity, and positivity.
- Commission rates and program benefits are subject to change.

Join Us in Spreading Melanin Magic!

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